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Roof Restoration Sydney

When it comes to quality roof restoration Sydney trusts Prestige Roof Restorations.  We offer high quality roof restorations at a price that you can afford.  Why continue to deal with a leaky roof?  Why not just go ahead and let us come out and restore your roof for you.  We will change out broken tiles, fix roof leaks, pressure clean the roof, wash your house, gutters and driveway, re-bed any loose ridge caps, and even paint your roof with quality paint.  We do it all.  Why trust your roof with anyone but the experts at Prestige?  

Our Advantage

When you compare our roofing company with many of the others in the area, you will notice that we are different.  We don’t just do roofing.  We take pride in our work, and the quality of the work that we do is unmatched.  Our team of roofing contractors is fully certified and skilled when it comes to taking care of any roofing task that you may require.  We know what it takes to do the job right the first time around, and we guarantee our work 100%.  If you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, just let us know! 

Contact Us Today for Your Free No Obligation Quote

When you want quality work that you can trust, you shouldn’t turn anywhere else.  At Prestige Roof Restoration, we can take care of any roof restoration needs that you may have.  We want to ensure that you are happy with the look of your restored roof.  Why replace your entire roof when it will look great again with just a little restoration?  Save yourself some money by hiring our contractors to come out.  Call us today for a no obligation free price quote or to schedule your roof restoration. 

Quick Roof Repair Tips that every homeowner must know

The roof of your house is undeniable as important as its foundation. A well maintained decorative shingle roof can make your home a show-stopper! Unfortunately, the condition of the roof deteriorates with time either due to extreme weather condition and some unpreventable factors such as flying debris. Damaged roof poses a threat to the safety of the home and the people living inside, prompting homeowners to think of repairing or rebuilding it. 

Hiring a reputable, licensed roofing contractor for Roof Restoration Sydney will help you avoid the pitfalls of poor roofing repairs that are quite common when done by inexperienced professionals. With a valid license and vast experience in Roof Restoration Sydney, highly skilled contractors will ensure you an appropriate job. However, in many cases, you will not be able to repair your roof instantly. Some quick fixes for leaky roofs can however, help you handle such cases. 

Quick Fixes for Leaky Roofs

Although a leak in roof can occur any time, it mostly happens during heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, during a rainy season you cannot fix a leaky roof permanently. However, temporary solutions can help you keep your home safe. Here are three quick fixes that you can try. 

Patch It Up

To make an emergency roof repair, you have to identify the exact location of the leak. If there are holes in your roof, cover it with an emergency patch so that water doesn’t penetrate under it and ruin the internal structure of your home and your possessions. 

Take plenty of roof patch, a roof tar material and generously smear it to the hole using a putty knife. Spread the roof patch thoroughly on and around the hole until it is completely covered. Rubber roof seam sealer, a type of roof tar, can also help you fix the leaking problem temporarily.

Emergency Shingle

If a loose, sliding, or damaged shingle is causing a leak, allow the area to dry completely and then coat the underside of the shingle with roofing cement and press it firmly to its place. Roofing cement will quickly repair the loosened shingles. 

In case you have a missing shingle, you can replace it with a galvanized sheet metal. Once the area with missing shingle is completely dry, simply slide the 2 by 2 foot piece of sheet metal beneath the row of adjoining shingles right above the missing shingle. 

Water Diversion

When the rain storm is raging, you cannot fix the leak permanently but you can divert the water. For this temporary fix, place a nail through the hole. This will direct the water straight down. Place a bucket right beneath the directed water flow. 

These methods of Roof Restoration Sydney are temporary, so be sure to get your leaking roof fixed by a professional as soon as possible. Although these repair methods are in no way permanent fixes, they can often prevent secondary damages that could cost you thousands of dollars. For more information on professional roof restoration Sydney.

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