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For quality roof repairs Sydney residents should turn to the experts at Prestige Roof Restoration.  When your roof needs to be repaired, we understand the urgency.  We take pride in the fact that we have fast turnaround times on all of our projects.  That doesn’t mean that we skimp out on the quality of the work.  We just work hard to get the job done right.  With years of experience in the roof repair industry, we are sure to be able to fix any issue that you may have with your roof.  

We offer comprehensive roofing services to meet your every need.  Some of the services that we offer include:


  • Cement tile roof restoration

  • Terracotta tile roof restoration

  • Metal roof restoration

  • Tile & metal roof repairs

  • Re-bedding & re pointing of ridge caps

  • Roof cleaning

  • Roof painting

  • Leaf protection systems

  • Roof ventilation systems

If you need any of these services done to your roof, then we can help.  We will offer you a no obligation price quote for free.  You are sure to find our quotes to be highly competitive.  

Contact Us Today for a Quote

Do you want the best contractors to do your roof repairs Sydney?  If so, then you should really trust us with the job.  We take pride in doing the job right the first time around.  This saves you time, money and hassle.  We don’t boast the best roofing services in the area for no reason.  Take a look at some of our finished jobs and you will see why Sydney trusts us most when it comes to roof repairs.  Your roof should be dependable, and when it isn’t, call out our experts to get the job done fast and to your satisfaction. 

5 Common Shingle Roofing Repair Mistakes to Avoid

Slate, lead, and other traditional materials certainly improve the appearance of a house but with regular maintenance, they can also increase the longevity of your roof. Drastic temperature changes can however, deteriorate roofing shingles prematurely. A leaky roof not only affects primary structure and beams of your house but also leads to several other annoying issues. Timely repair can delay the re-roofing requirement and therefore, you must not ignore the leaks at all. Here are 5 most common mistakes that you as a homeowner must not make. 

Delay in Repairing

When it comes to repairing a leaking roof, this is the most common mistake homeowners make. 

People often put off a roof inspection and delay roofing repair due to expenses that they might have to bear. Delaying will lead to severe damages to your house and can even exponentially increase your house repair bills. Whether it is a minor roof leak or replacement of a cracked shingle, you'd better get it fixed as soon as possible by an expert in roof repairs Sydney.

Reusing Old Shingles

Another common repair mistake that people often make is reusing the old shingles instead of replacing them. People often cover old rotted shingles with the new shingles. If you do this, you allow the moisture and dirt to collect in between and make shingles prone to deterioration and erosion much more quickly. The proper way is to remove all of the old damaged shingles and replace them with new ones. You must contact a qualified roof repairs Sydney contractor to find out whether you need to repair or replace the old shingles. 

Improper Shingle Installation

Proper alignment of shingles, both vertical and horizontal, is critical for a successful repair job. Improperly aligned and ineffectively sealed roof shingles may result in blow-offs, sliding, or animal damage. For best results, shingles should be laid flat and special care should be taken to offset joints. If not fastened in accordance to the manufacturer's installation guidelines, the shingle roofs may fail prematurely.

Improper or Incompatible Roofing Material

Never use any other metal for repairing your metal or shingle roof apart from the specialized leak repairing materials. There are different types of roof repair and leak prevention materials available in the market today to seal and protect a variety of roof surfaces. However, all roof repair materials are not created equally. Choosing the most advanced and most reliable roof repair materials is essential to get a long-term solution to the leaky roof.

Hiring a Wrong Contractor

To keep yourself from repairing the roof every now and then, always choose a licensed, experienced contractor. Most often, homeowners hire wrong person for a roofing repair job. A roofer who normally mends shingle roof leaks may not necessarily be able to repair metal roofs; therefore, choose your contractor after thorough investigation. With expert roof repairs Sydney professionals, you need not worry about that leaky roof anymore. 

Avoiding these common mistakes will increase the life of your roof and your house. For more information on roof repairs Sydney.

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